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State of war Game Download-CZ-EN-Language
State of War -EN-Language Stateofwar Cloud Download State of War -CZ-Language Stateofwar Cloud Download
Editor map -CZ-EN-Version
State of War -Code: H.A.A.R.P
State of War – FirstContact
State of War -Battle of Soult
Battle of Soult (Beta)
State of War-Operation Redwing
Maps Download – (139 flie)Less than 10M
18关 – 强袭日本.rar 60离子守卫战.rar BEHO-SUNNS的edt文件.rar BTED-蓝警1斯洛伐克[别玩游戏了]M03-疯狂使用秘籍吧.zip CJ弟图集之暗黑阴谋1【10.5M】.rar CJ弟图集之暗黑阴谋1【29.3K】.rar M02难度版By熊猫.zip M05 之 [...]
Various resolution Patch Download
Various resolution Patch Download
Win8,Win10,Program crash solution
①State compatibility : Windows XP Sp3 ②Download this patch and  Extract file to State of War file directory